Hot Water journey of gratefulness!

This journey began with a finance revamp! As my husband and I  learn to walk in the new ways there have been some challenges popping up trying to take us off track. For instance, on Sunday our hot water tank decided to do just that – tank…Emerson Eggerichs in our Love and Respect teaching gave the analogy, if there is butter and clay on the sidewalk, how does the sun know to melt the butter and harden the clay? It doesn’t, it just reveals their inner properties. Our spouses are not responsible for our responses. Some of the things they do just reveal our inner properties. My responses are my responsibility! I expand this principle to circumstances as well and so when things happen, how I respond is up to me. Here is a snapshot of my response and what God did in it…

We went to bed after the tank Sunday trusting that God would be in the middle of this. Wade volunteered to take Monday off to deal with it and then the story proceeded this way; Call to heating company and quoted $2850, call back from company that it is covered under warranty and only have to pay $600 but they can’t come until Friday, Wade laid hands on our tank and God gave him wisdom to identify the issue and it is only the electrical panel needing replaced…this part of the story will be continued.

After my workout yesterday, I decided I wanted to have a bath. As I started the water to boil I was overwhelmed with gratefulness that we have water and there are many that don’t and so I prayed for them. I realized too that without our electricity, hot water would not be possible and so I thanked God for that and prayed for those who don’t have that luxury either. This reminded me that our Haitian sponsor child and her family have been relocated due to storms and flooding and so I pray for them and their provision. Water issues created their problems but now do they have the basics of water and food? I am running in between bathroom and kitchen and become grateful for the ability to do that as some are disabled or in pain unable to even do this and I pray for them.

5 pots and 4 kettles later I have a couple of inches in the tub. As I get in I am thankful for the stage of life we are in because this would be a different picture if everyone was still at home. So I thank God for my family, my children and those to come and think of the young families I know that this circumstance would be very inconvenient and I pray for them all. My friends then come to mind, those that have walked alongside of us, loved us and cheered us on and the ones who quickly volunteered their showers and to do laundry when they do loads of their own. And I thank God as I pray for them too. This thinking extends to our Lifegroup and I am blessed thinking what a privilege it is to share our lives with them and to learn and grow and share Jesus together. More prayers.

All this from no hot water. A sweet lady was telling me a story at church on the weekend and she ended with God is everywhere, people just have to take the time to look for Him. This line stuck out for me this week and so I have been looking, I saw Him in our circumstances and in the blessings and in the answers to prayer. I saw that He was so personal to our need and He wants to love us this way. I saw Him in our friends and our family and in our privileges and luxury. I saw Him in the deleting of my blog yesterday, where I had this all typed and ready to publish and one wrong button had it disappear. At first I was frustrated but then I remembered what I just wrote about and so I gave it up to God saying He must have a reason. Turns out, the story wasn’t finished. My husband came home with wisdom from the Holy Spirit (through his friend the internet and his mad skills) and overrode the issue until the service call can happen Friday and we all had hot showers this morning with much gratitude!

The rest of the story, Wade and I started a devotional last night called Helping without Hurting which is no coincidence as God has my heart so grateful for the things I do have. It quoted the average American makes $90/day and 1 Billion people live on less that $1/day. While 2.6 Billion or 40% of the world’s population live on less than $2/day. Isn’t that mind-blowing? So I again extend the phrase My response is my responsibility and ask how are you making a difference in these statistics? This season often brings our thoughts to those less fortunate than us and so let yourself go there. What will your response be? There are things we do as a family in some ways that respond to that but we have started to pray for vision to extend our hands locally. Please join us. I will be checking in…

17 If anyone has material possessions and sees a brother or sister in need but has no pity on them, how can the love of God be in that person? 18 Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth. 1 John 3:17,18