Spinning Tire Perspectives

I went for my first walk in the snow today. What, you say, don’t you live in Saskatchewan where that stuff has been on the ground for a while? Why yes I do and I guess that is not entirely true about it being my first, I have walked from the house to the garage, from the car to my destination and returning again from the garage to the house. This one was for real, a bundle up and walk for an hour with snow crunching underneath and going through the park. I had a walk in mind when I saw that the air was not cold enough to hurt my face today. As I sat worshipping this morning though God placed an urgency in my spirit to go for a walk right away. Who am I to argue?

My first block in I encountered a young man slamming out of his car, hands in the air #@%&!!! I asked God, is this why the urgency? The man proceeded to slam back into the car and rev the engine, forward, spin, reverse, spin, slam on the steering wheel. By this point God moved me to stand on the sidewalk near him until he caught my eye. He looked over, probably thinking oh great, or some sort of that kind of sentiment and opened the door. ‘Can I help you? I could drive if you want to push?’  Resigned as I was his only option he jumped out and started shoveling furiously. The car was a standard and I just happen to love and know how to drive a stick. For me it was a fun adventure, not so much for him. After a few maneuvers we were free of the sinkhole that had swallowed his little sports car tires. ‘Thank you lady, you saved my day.’

‘You are welcome, I hope the rest of your day is blessed. ‘

He apologized for having to see him that way. I patted his shoulder as we switched spots and said,’ It is just a stuck car.’

‘It is now, it wasn’t then. Thanks again,’ He smiled and got in to carry on to whatever his day held for him.

As I continued walking and asking God to show me His perspective in that situation a few things came to mind. First of all, we never know a lot of the time the impact we may have on someone by going where God wants us to go. I have no idea what that gentleman had going on nor did I need to know but perhaps He needed Jesus to love him through me for that short period. Maybe his quick frustration was habitual and next time he may pause and think life is not an emergency, just breathe. God also showed me how His presence in me, without me even saying a word sometimes can bring awareness of sin.

He also reminded me that even though it was just a stuck car, when we are in the middle of a situation and it is frustrating or rather we lack the patience in it, it is difficult to see past the spinning tires sometimes. It took just a few little moves for us to release from the snow trap. What kind of perspective change do you or can you make when your tires are spinning? I encourage you to take a step back, tilt your head, press in to Jesus, call a friend, buy a vowel, whatever it takes to see more clearly. Even if a situation has been long-suffering or seems too painful to bear much longer, one turn of the wheel or a word of gratitude or even a push may give you enough momentum to get free and be hopeful. ‘May the God of all hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.’ Romans 15:13

Jacob, after he dreamed of angels and ladders, awoke from his sleep and said, ‘Surely the Lord is in this place and I was not aware of it.’ Genesis 28:16. When you feel distant from God, pray these words and ask Him to give you an awareness of His Presence. He delights to show us and it may even come in the form of spinning tires or some old lady who knows how to drive a stick.



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