Riding the Pine

This is an old post I did for a guest blog which for some reason didn’t get published. So I am trusting in God’s hand for that and thought I would share it now.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways submit to him and He will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5,6

Trust – firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability or strength of someone or something

Submit – accept or yield to a superior force or to the authority or will of another

I laughed at a cartoon about tough love that showed a Mama bird literally kicking the baby bird out of the nest with the caption, Fly! Sometimes trusting feels like that doesn’t it? This reminded me of how a Mother Eagle prepares her eaglets to leave the nest and fly by slowly taking the soft down out of the nest and leaving thorns. Eventually they become too uncomfortable to stay.

Our son Owen made his high school basketball team and part of that dream for him was to actually play the game. Initially he knew the possibility of him playing a lot was slim because he wasn’t the best or the strongest player but he eventually submitted to that. He put in the same 3 hour practices as everyone else, showed up for every game and still ‘rode the pine’ as they say for most of the games.



God allowed Owen to make the team and he still was very much a part of the team but how he participated wasn’t necessarily how he imagined it to be. There was definitely disappointment along the way for him but by the end of the season he was defending the reasons he often warmed the bench. I am learning so much lately that things are often not as they appear. The picture is far bigger and the purposes much greater than our ideas or our expectations.

‘God doesn’t want to change everything around you. He just wants to change you.’ Joyce Meyer

So what does this have to do with trusting God and the verse above? Often our circumstances are orchestrated to develop something in our character and our only job is to trust and submit. Submission is our heart position once we make the decision to trust.

Our son learned the art of discipline and perseverance and to find joy even in the midst of doing the opposite of what he expected. As we submit in All our ways to Him, He will make our paths straight. This is a promise from God  that can stand alone and if we all learned to do just these things to trust and submit, imagine what God could do in and through us.

Like the Mother Eagle, sometimes God allows things to become uncomfortable in order for us to move. His heart is always for us and we allow our flesh to become too complacent but His goal is for us to be like Jesus. These processes can sometimes be painful if we fight against them as life in real time can be messy. I understand that most circumstances are far weightier than sitting on the bench for a season, our struggles are real.

Submission doesn’t have to be painful.

Have you considered that before? Have you thought about the fact that if we just believed God and agreed with what He was saying, without struggling to see the end, that submitting to His ways wouldn’t have to hurt so much. Have you thought about how much more difficult you are making things by leaning on your own understanding?  Spread your wings my friend, this is the time to fly.


In what ways is God calling you to trust and submit? Don’t wait until all the cushion is gone. Agree with His plans for you.


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