Aha with no Action

“You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; to be made new in the attitude of your minds; and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.” Ephesians 4:22-24

Do you live for the mountain top moments in your life? You know those Aha moments when your eyes are opened to new possibilities, new concepts and a different mindset? Then do you fall in love with the idea and not follow through with any action? Or drown in the space between the revelations?  Aha with no action just means Ha, jokes on you, nothing is different from awareness only.
What if…we saw all of life as pieces of our story

What if…we lived what we believed

What if…we really knew what being a new creation in Christ meant

What if…we lived the way we are loved by God

What if…we took God at His word

What if…we admitted our faults and weaknesses but didn’t live from that place

What if…we humbly acknowledged God’s way is best

What if…we loved ourselves so we could love others better

These are some questions God gave me while I listened to a Live Transformed podcast with Bob & Audrey Meisner & guest Dr. Jim Richards. This man revolutionized my walk with Christ when I was first a believer and he is redoing it now. He brings new perspective so wisely and biblically based it speaks right to my heart. He spoke about how God does not hold out on us, suggesting that revelation is when we are willing to surrender our opinion.

Willing to surrender my opinion, whoa whoa Dr. Richards, I have something to say about that…

Point taken?

He goes on to say when we read God’s word revelation happens. This removes some of the barrier so we can see God as He is. When we see Him clearer, we will fall more in love with Him. Often though, if we have religion around Jesus and not relationship with Him, we fall more in love with the revelation than Jesus. Trouble is, knowledge doesn’t bring life, Jesus does.

Education and religion have taught us to be perfect with no room for mistakes or learning. Another of my favourite teachers Graham Cooke says,”God doesn’t operate like this. He never expects us to be perfect on our own; He wants us to live in Jesus and love the process. The Lord is not double-minded about us. If we fall down learning how to put on our new man, God does not revert to seeing us as our old selves!”

He meant what He said in the word, the Old has died, the New has come. We are new creations and it is imperative for living victoriously that we find out what this truly means. 

So these operate together, when we lay down our opinions we can be open to revelation of God’s character and as we learn to walk in what that looks like, we put on our new selves.  This is the process of growing more and more in His likeness. 

This is my desire, especially in this season, to allow the truth of who Jesus is to continue to change me. As I behold majesty in the manger I don’t want this story and the significance of Jesus to be lost in my old behaviours. 

How do you believe God sees you? How do you see yourself? Ask Him how to align the difference and speak truth to your heart. Behold the Christ child, come and see what God has done. 


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