Lessons from 2016


Happy New Year! As Queen would sing and some would say, “Another One Bites the Dust”. A few people who have experienced hardships in 2016 are not sad to see the year go and to move into a fresh space of potential hope, healing and new things. It is a time to reflect, a time to celebrate and a time to anticipate as we move into another year. For those that had a year of difficulty, I saw this picture above and I liked the challenge of it to not write the year off or remember only the negative things.

So as I sent out a plethora of notes to people blessing their year to come, I asked what did you learn from this year. It was all fine and dandy until one of my friends asked it back to me. 2016 was a very full year for me and not lacking in challenges or loss and I wasn’t as excited for the year to be over as I was for a refreshing start in 2017. She did catch me though with my own question as I hadn’t sat with it before I encouraged others to examine their perspectives.

Most of my life I have strived or performed for love out of a lack of identity and worth. God brought a new depth to who I am in Christ in 2016 and so as my surrender to those truths happened, my striving has lessened. I realized that in this process His power always trumps my willpower and He can pull things out of my character that no amount of striving would accomplish. God doesn’t need my help, imagine that!

And so this leads to One Word. For the past few years, my husband, son and I have sought God’s direction for a key word that He wants to do in and through us in the next year. It really helps you to focus in a particular area of character, keeping our eyes on Jesus and simplifying life. Face it, who doesn’t need to do that. It is said that 50% of resolution makers fail by the end of January. That gives half of us 31 one more sleeps to try and pull things off.

As I was filling out my calendars for the year to come, the thing that struck me the most was how quickly times passes by. My oldest daughter will be 27 next year, my other daughter, 25 and our son 16. My husband and I will be 50! How did this happen?  Exciting and yet instilling a sense of urgency in the same breath. I don’t want my goals to peter out the end of the first month of the year, hence seeking after my word.

I actually bantered with God a bit when I heard the word He wanted me to focus on this year. It felt like a ‘this will require much’ kind of word, so I had to make sure you know. Some years God presses more into my character and then others are about adventure and discovery like last year with the word, Delight.

God confirmed it through a song at church this morning called ‘I Give It All’, in these couple of verses; Though darkness may surround me, your love provides the light I need, So I’ll trust in you, so I’ll trust in you. Your will is my will, your heart is my heart, though I may resist, take every part. I give it all to you, I give it all to you. It was a perfect picture of the dichotomy of being new in Christ and trying to do it on my own. Though I may resist, God knows the pull of my flesh and the desire of my heart to give it all to Him. Regardless of my resistance, He can change me.

And so, I will Trust…Isaiah 26:3,4 “You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you. Trust in the Lord forever, the Lord is the Rock eternal.”

TRUST – to place one’s confidence in, to hope, that which has been entrusted. I love how it is defined in Greek, Pistis is the word, which is what I would do if I didn’t surrender to this process. Haha Seriously though,  it means faith, belief, trust, confidence, persuade, be persuaded (come to trust). They go on to explain that this is a gift from God, God’s divine persuasion therefore it is distinct from human belief (confidence).

In other words, this is Not something that I can strive for, it is a gift God gives. So as I seek Him, I need to be in position to receive what He has for me. It seems like a fitting process to my living in the victory of my identity doesn’t it? God knows better than I do about what I need.

How about you? Will you seek after the One Word process and see where it takes you? What do you have to lose? Comment and let me know what your Word is and we will see what God will do. Share your goals and resolutions if that is your choice too, accountability in any arena is key to success. Be blessed and C’mon 2017.




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