Amidst Celebrations

‘Our faithfulness to God may not eliminate our sufferings but it positions us to receive one gracious blessing after another.’ Joni Eareckson Tada

I have had the great privilege of celebrating so many people I love through great occasions over the last few weeks. Our daughters’ birthdays, our bonus daughter’s convocation from nursing, a Lifegroup friend’s RCMP graduation, three dear young adults we love graduating from high school,    A visit with my brother after 16 years to celebrate his induction into the SJHL hall of fame, our grandson Kaiden’s 2nd birthday, a 60th wedding anniversary, friends baptisms and birthdays, the birth of our second grandson Parker,our friends having a baby the same day as our daughter,  watching our son serve with excellence at camp ministry, and so many more opportunities in between to bless and serve others and be encouraged and have fun with family and friends

My heart is truly overflowing and my wonder for life and blessings increases daily. What a privilege it is to utilize our time to love others with God’s love so that He can be glorified. I realize more and more as I age through this life and my grandchildren are now being born that most of what I do really is not about me.

It is about affecting and really infecting people with the love of God, so that will continue on into the generations and they can tell of His goodness too. It is even in the midst of celebrations where our sufferings serve that purpose as well. It is knowing He is enough. He is all we need. Jeremiah 32:27 says, ‘I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?’

This verse made me laugh and cry today and it served to enable me to encourage others to live trusting toward Him. It reminded me that my little battles are nothing impossible for Him even when I am in the midst of them and don’t see my way out.

You see, I have celebrated but I have also mourned. I have mourned losses in my physical body with multiple issues and diagnosis. I have mourned losses in relationship and difficulties that seem too hard to see how to live in the midst. I have mourned the loss of time for my lack of proper use and clarity. I mourn for many of those I love going through their own difficulties.

This is Life! There is often mourning amidst celebrating.  There is a time and season for everything. While we can’t always avoid suffering, we can choose how to respond to it. I am choosing to grow through it and not to waste it, for when I don’t submit my suffering to God, it is lost and wasted and has the potential to have me be bitter and resentful and discouraged.

It is important that we hang on tight to our faith when we can’t see or understand. Otherwise, at least for me, what is the purpose. We can’t immediately forsake Him when things don’t go as planned or we face disappointments or the question begs to be asked how much do we really know His heart for us?  We may not always see immediately what God’s purposes are in the midst, but we can rely on His strength to get us through.

I am clinging now amidst celebrations to the truth that He is the Lord, the God of all mankind and really that nothing is too hard for Him. Will you submit your mourning, your doubts, your disappointments, your diagnosis, your hurts, your problems, your expectations to Him too and join me?

Affirm His character, trust Him and be faithful and He may just surprise you with joy in the midst of suffering as He opens your eyes to all of the collateral beauty He brings through it all.

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