God our Source – Guest post

 My friend Carol asked me to guest blog about parenting at lifeofbrucks.com

Go check it out: A bit about my friend and fellow blogger from her profile: MAMA BRUCKS – Mother of three princes and one lovely princess…a wife and follower of Jesus, just trying to encourage, inspire and simply laugh along with others…

Excerpt from my guest spot on my friend Carol’s blog site, http://lifeofbrucks.com/

It occurred to me if there was anything I would share with parents these days is for them to teach their children that God wants to have a personal relationship with them

Adult children bring a whole new gamut of things to pray and war for, as does a teenage boy!  I am thankful that age and knowing Jesus has mellowed me a bit and taught me how to trust better. God constantly reminds me that He loves them even more than I do. Oh what a sweet relief that is, knowing I have the God of the universe and creator of these very children, to surrender and trust them to.

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