Messy obedience

2015 has arrived and with it brings a sense of newness, an opportunity to ‘start over’ if 2014 was perhaps a difficult or challenging year. A new year brings anticipation of new things to our life, it signifies a marker to do better, accomplish what we missed last year and to try, try again. As a Jesus follower, it intensifies our search for His heart and the direction that He wants for us this year. We don’t want to ‘waste’ any opportunities to reach people with the good news and to share His love.

Pastor Craig of has challenged our church with questions like, would Jesus be amazed at my amazing faith or would be amazed at the lack of it? What would be different in the world if God answered every one of our prayers last week? He then said, you can have faith or you can have control, you can’t have both. Quite a challenge to start our hearts off with this year. What did you answer when you read those probing questions?

I can’t help but continue to be moved by Mary’s story. God allowed her to experience shame, humility and pain while she carried the solution to all of these issues. She was later esteemed and still is but it shows me that no matter what our call or our journey is in life, we still have a process to go through to fulfill our destiny here on earth regardless if we are the Saviour’s chosen Mother or not. Talk about a story of amazing faith!

Even though our process or lessons or life may be messy, may our hearts be submissive in obedience when God calls. Luke 1:38 “I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered, ” May it be to me as you have said.” Then the angel left her.

Messy obedience to God trumps willful disobedience to Him and all the destruction that may reap into our lives. As my friend Lee said this morning, “Radical obedience to Christ gets us a life filled with miracle stories.” So as we begin another year, ask the question would God be amazed at your faith? Is your testimony drawing people to our Saviour and changing lives in the process? What parts of your heart have you not surrendered to the process yet. Pray and ask that you will be as willing as Mary was to her process. 

Mary completed her journey. She finished the race as difficult and painful as it was. Her obedience was messy, but we are still talking about it. We are still drawn to the Saviour. Although we relate to her and her pain it was not about her, nor is it about us. Sometimes we are called to things that are hard to execute but we are not doing it alone. Our purpose is for our life to be a marker to the God who saves, forgives, loves and redeems. How will your radical obedience weave stories of life change and miracles for 2015?