“Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” James 1:4

The boys and I (my husband ,Wade and our son ,Owen) started a process called One Word a couple of years ago that was directed by our pastor, Craig Groeschel. At the beginning of the year we are encouraged to choose one word with God’s direction that will guide our coming year. The process is to simplify in this hectic, fast-paced world and also to be deliberate in watching how God moves through the word He gives. Last year I cheated a bit and had two, Be Present but it was incredible how God moved me from being very distracted to being present in the things He called me to do and the people He placed in my path.

One word is intended to create, clarity, power, passion and life-change according to authors of the book One Word That Will Change Your Life. They say that the simple power of one word will affect all six dimensions of your life, mental, physical, emotional, relational, spiritual and financial. Even though the year has barely begun I can see the power in this word and its ability to replace making a bunch of resolutions. I read recently that 90% of people who make New Year’s resolutions will quit them within 3 months. A one word focus though for the entire year can be lasting and impactful.

I had an experience at the grocery store that reminded me that no matter what word we choose, we are always in process. There was an older couple behind Owen and I in the line, he in a wheelchair and she with her arms laden with items, I encouraged them to go ahead of us. Turns out the cashier was new, an older gentleman and the couple had many hiding spots for their groceries on his wheelchair. I laugh now as I think of them pulling things out of places that were very ingenious. A lot of them were vegetables and of course you had to know the code which most of the time the cashier didn’t, but man was he triumphant when he did. It became a game of me cheering him on and reminding him of the numbers that the cashier across from us yelled out to him. The couple was overly blessed with my small gesture and we were quite entertained by it all, enjoying the experience. The next week, I purposely went through this man’s till again and watched as he whipped things through the scanner. I said, ” I saw you last week and you were just learning but it looks like you have picked things up quickly. How are you doing?” He wisely replied, “It is better, but learning is a never-ending process!”

Ain’t that the truth! It reminded me of my word, although I will be with Jesus when I am actually finished, I hope to allow perseverance to have its way with me to become mature and complete, not lacking anything. This is not just for my benefit but for those things that God has purposed for my life to reach other people and further His Kingdom by spreading His love and message through me.

I can easily see this word Finish impacting all six areas of my life. I am an amazing starter…it is a spiritual gift of mine haha, finishing is an entirely different story. I used to celebrate when I finished one of the five books I was reading at a time. Writing my book was the first finish item that came to mind as God gave me my word. It has become an urgency in not only my heart but God awakened my husband with the same message. I am cornered now, the contractions are coming more frequently and consistently, it is time to do the hard work of pushing through the labour pains and giving birth to this baby. Lord bring the revelation and help me to hear the message you want me to write.

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